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Health Insurance Open Enrollment 2021

Posted: October 28, 2020

What to Expect for 2021


  • Bright Health is a new provider that will offer plans via the Marketplace. Their network consists of Palos Medical Group and the Adventist network.


  • NO penalty continues! This means you will not receive a penalty for not having coverage or for obtaining a plan that does not provide the 8 coverages required by the Affordable Care Act.


  • Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna will continue to offer virtual visits. While Blue Cross Blue Shield only offers this service to their PPO plans, Cigna will offer the same service on all of their plans. Policy holders can call or chat online with a nurse practitioner to obtain a diagnosis and prescription for medication.


  • Carriers continue to waive cost sharing and co-pays related to COVID 19 testing and treatment. You MUST select an in-network provider/facility.


  • Northwestern Memorial will now accept plans from Cigna (Connect HMO). They will continue to accept Blue Cross Blue Shield (Blue Precision HMO and Blue Care Direct HMO).


  • Out of pocket maximum will increase to $8,500 per person. You can offset this by purchasing an accident or critical illness rider. The rider starts at $25 per month and provides coverage to you in the event of an accident or diagnosis of a critical illness (heart attack, cancer, or stroke). 


  • Group plans are still an option for small employers. Blue Cross Blue Shield and now Humana offer relaxed guidelines during this time to allow for a 1-person group. The employer must have at least 2 full time employees that are not husband and wife. The employees can be 1099’d.


How to Avoid Rate Increases


  • Be prepared to discuss your household, estimated adjusted gross income for 2021. This will be used to determine if you qualify for assistance.


  • Those without pre-existing conditions should consider a short term medical plan. These plans do not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions, maternity, and limited wellness visits. However, these plans are a fraction of the cost of plans offered through the Marketplace and they all have a PPO network.


  • If you are going to opt to self-insure, protect yourself with an accident or critical illness plan. The plan works separate from health insurance and pays you based on a diagnosis of a critical illness (cancer, heart attack, or stroke) and in the event of an accident (slip, fall, and break an ankle) the plan will pay you a certain dollar amount. The purpose is to use the funds to pay towards the unexpected hospital or urgent care visit.


  • Review ALL of your insurance policies. I specialize in personal lines insurance, which includes auto, home, and Medicare. As a broker, I have access to multiple carriers which allows me the opportunity to find the best plan based on your needs. I’ve saved people thousands by reviewing rates with multiple carriers.