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Land of Lincoln: Update

Land of Lincoln has announced that they will be closing their doors September 30th.  The special election period will start August 2nd through September 30th.  You technically have 90 days to enroll in a new plan and not receive a penalty by the government for not having credible coverage, however to avoid a lapse in coverage you must enroll in a plan by September 30th.  Here is what you can expect during this time.


*If you have any appointments during this time, it is safe to keep those appointments as they will continue to pay claims until September 30th, or as long as you have coverage with them. 

*Continue to pay your premium to avoid a lapse in coverage.

*We will plan to discuss options again during the open enrollment period (November 1st-January 31st) as this will likely be a temporary fix to finish the year.

*ALL plans will have a January 1st renewal date.  Sadly, any plan we choose now will require a new deductible and maximum out of pocket.  The deductible and max out of pocket will start October 1st and end December 31st.

*Amber will be making calls to schedule appointments now for August and September.  If you have a time and date you are free to discuss a new plan, please email or call the office so we can put you down in the calendar.


Below is a brief description of what options are available.

-Short term plan with United Healthcare or Humana; no pre-existing conditions are covered, premiums are significantly lower, and there is no penalty since the plan will only provide coverage for the remaining 90 days.

-Choose a plan with a separate carrier; due to the difference in networks between carriers I will need to know what Doctors MUST remain in your network.


*Please note, most carriers are no longer paying a commission during the special election period.  If you choose a plan with one of these carriers a fee will be applied.*

Land of Lincoln

Land of Lincoln announced that they will be closing soon. For those with Land of Lincoln, your policy will remain unchanged until a termination date is announced. You can NOT make changes to your policy unless you qualify for a special election period. Loosing coverage does qualify as a special election period. I will post updates as information is announced. I listed the article below.



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