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2018. Happy New Year

Posted: January 22, 2018

2017. A Year of Challenges and Great Rewards!


The year started with me barely making it through the day at 8 months pregnant. At that time, the days were pure torture. I could not get comfortable in any position…sitting or standing. On February 7th a new kind of challenge was introduced with the birth of my 3rd child. Jameson completed our family with 2 girls and 1 boy, however this also meant an extended maternity leave.


I was off February 5th-May 1st; returning on a part-time basis and adjusting to the demands of family and work. Sadly, once I came back full time, it was time to say goodbye to my assistant of 2 years, Amber. Amber decided to go back to school on a full-time basis and felt it was too difficult to balance the demands of Open Enrollment and school. Naturally, I agreed as Open Enrollment is a very demanding time of year.


On a positive note, this also allowed me the opportunity to find a new candidate to fill her spot. I welcomed Patti to the agency in October and immediately threw her into Open Enrollment with little training. Patti has been FABULOUS. She’s eager to learn and great at figuring things out on her own.


2018. New Beginnings!


To provide better options and to better serve you, we will be researching and training with each of our carriers to learn about best business practices and offerings. Patti will be contacting you to discuss these findings and changes. In addition, we will also be working on rounding out our accounts. Although it is not discussed during Open Enrollment, I provide a vast network of carriers that offer GREAT rates on home and auto insurance. Patti will be calling and emailing you to gauge interest on receiving home/auto insurance quotes.


As for me, I will be catching up on paperwork. Sadly, I’ve gotten behind on reviewing renewals. Don’t be surprised if you receive a call from me in the next couple of weeks discussing options to reduce your existing home/auto insurance rates.


I’ve also made the decision to take a step back from some of my networking obligations, and focus more on my business and family. Although it has been a rewarding 8 years with the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network, I will no longer be a member or Chapter Director. I will still provide some assistance to the Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce. My 3-year term as Treasurer will be up the end of this year.


Finally, I will continue my passion for fitness by training for a marathon this year. Although this is not my first marathon, it is my year to make a comeback as I am officially DONE having babies.


Thank you for being such a valued client. I look forward to working with you more in 2018.