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    Health Insurance Open Enrollment

    Posted: November 26, 2021

    During this time, individual policy holders can enroll in a health plan or make changes to their existing plan.


    What to Expect in 2022

    • Open Enrollment has been extended to January 15th! Please note, changes made AFTER December 15th will take effect February 1st.


    • NEW CARRIERS: Molina Healthcare, Oscar Health Plan, and United Healthcare will offer plans for 2022.  Blue Cross Blue Shield continues to be the only carrier offering a PPO network.


    • OFF EXCHANGE Plans: While the network is the same on exchange or off exchange, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bright Health, and Cigna will offer off exchange plans.  This means if you do not qualify for assistance you do not have to go through the Marketplace.  Blue Cross Blue Shield is the only carrier offering a PPO network.


    • NO penalty continues! This means you will not receive a penalty for not having coverage or for obtaining a plan that does meet the minimum standards of the Affordable Care Act.
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bright Health, Cigna, and United Healthcare will offer virtual visits.  While Blue Cross Blue Shield only offers this service with their PPO network, Cigna, Bright Health, and United Healthcare will offer the same service on all of their plans. Policy holders can call or chat online with a nurse practitioner to obtain a diagnosis and prescription for medication.


    • Out of pocket maximum will increase to $8,700 per person.  You can offset this by purchasing an accident or critical illness rider.  The rider starts at $25 per month and provides coverage to you in the event of an accident or diagnosis of a critical illness (heart attack, cancer, or stroke). 


    • Group plans are still an option for small employers. Blue Cross Blue Shield continues to offer relaxed guidelines during this time to allow for a 1-person group. The employer must have at least 2 full time employees that are not husband and wife.  The employees can be 1099’d.


    • Carriers are offering Visa gift cards for participating in their rewards program.  Some are offering up to $500!  Rewards are given for signing up for an account online, obtaining an annual physical, signing up for text message reminders, selecting a primary care physician, etc.


    • Cigna is offering plans tailored to those with asthma, COPD, and diabetes.  This means lower drug costs, $0 cost for labs, pulmonary rehab, and supplies (including certain brands of insulin pumps)


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